Drought Tolerant Turf

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Rhizomatous Tall Fescue (RTF), is a new generation of tall fescue which produces rhizomes (an underground stem) that send a shoot up to the soil surface while extending new roots downwards.



  • Deep rooting up to 1.5 metres
  • Produces rhizomes (underground stems) for repair of damaged areas
  • Promotes deep-rooting capabilities, with great tolerance to drought and water logging
  • Excellent heat tolerance
  • Good shade tolerance under higher mowing heights (50mm)
  • Needs less water than other cool season grasses and as a result has been awarded the prestigious Waterwise marque
  • Produces a strong, hard wearing sward
  • Combination of rhizomes and deep roots aids soil stabilisation


  • Lawns and general landscaping – for lawns and areas subject to water restrictions, and for soil stabilisation
  • Turf for Contractors and Specifiers
  • Golf – for walkways and bunker surrounds

Sown Mixtures:

30% rhizomatous tall fescue, 55% tall fescue, 15% smooth stalked meadow grass

Roll Size:

  • Standard rolls: 1 metre square
  • Large rolls: 0.75m or 1.1m x 28m
  • Final thickness: 15-20mm


  • 15-20kg per m² depending on saturation