LT7 Festival Landscape Turf

LT7 – Festival Landscape Turf





  • Outstanding appearance and strong green colour
  • Hardwearing and dense
  • Easy to maintain


  • Lawns and general landscaping
  • Turf for Contractors and Specifiers

Sown Mixtures:

25% dwarf perennial ryegrass, 35% slender creeping red fescue, 20% smooth stalked meadow grass, 20% chewings fescue.

All the varieties used are named cultivars, highly rated by the STRI for wear and disease tolerance, recovery and appearance.

Roll Size:

  • Standard rolls: 1 metre square
  • Large rolls: 0.75m or 1.1m x 28m
  • Final thickness: 15-20mm


  • 15-20kg per m² depending on saturation

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