Low Maintenance Turf

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LT2 – Low Maintenance Fine Turf



 LT2 is a low maintenance fine turf, requiring less irrigation, fewer fertiliser inputs and a greatly reduced mowing regime, so grass can still be used as an environmentally sustainable option.



  • Fine appearance
  • Slow growth habit
  • Drought tolerant
  • Salt tolerant
  • Reduced irrigation, fertiliser and fungicide inputs
  • Reduced mowing requirements
  • Once established, will mow down to 5mm or can be left to grow to natural height of 200mm


Landscaping for contractors and specifiers

  • Areas where reduced mowing and maintenance is required
  • Exposed drought prone areas
  • Difficult banks
  • Highway verges
  • Coastal locations

Golf courses

  • Intensive – Greens and greens surrounds as a fescue green replacement
  • Extensive – Fairways, bunker surrounds and semi-rough; exposed drought prone areas; difficult banks where mowing is a problemlow fertility areas
  • Links courses – Areas where salt tolerance is required

Green roofs – Extensive green roofs requiring a turf grass finish with low maintenance requirements

Sown Mixtures:

25% Barkoel Crested Hairgrass, 20% Hardtop Hard Fescue, 35% Barpearl Slender Creeping Red Fescue, 20% Bargreen Chewings Fescue



Roll Size:


Standard rolls: 1 metre square

Large rolls: 0.75m or 1.1m x 28m

Final thickness: 15-20mm


15-20kg per m2 depending on saturation